Doll Care Tips

Taking good care of your 18″ doll is an investment to last a lifetime.

Here are some quick hints and tips for your American Girl Doll.

1.  I have found over the years that baby wipes are gentle enough for general cleaning of the vinyl  parts of your doll.  They remove the surface dirt with out harming the doll. Most companies recommend a paste of baking soda and water for a heavier scrub only on vinyl parts.

2. A spray bottle of water only and a wire wig brush to care for your dolls hair. Never start at the top and pull down though, it will remove a lot of your dolls hair.  Gently start brushing at the bottom of the hair working your way a little higher each time until you are at the top of the section and move to the next section.

3. Do not get the fabric part of your dolls body wet at all.  The doll is not made to be wet.

4. Do not swing your dolls in circles over and over again by the arms or legs.  We know a young lady who did this with her $100 doll repeatedly despite warnings and eventually broke the band in the doll leg and it came off.  Treat your doll whether name brand or not with care and respect.