Sparking you daughters learning and creativity.

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Playing with dolls helps your daughter to learn and grow.  She is exploring her world through play. With her imagination and her doll she can go anywhere she wants to go and be anyone she wants to be.  Think of the countless hours of creative play just one doll can bring a young girl.  She can become a princess, ballerina, scientist, karate expert.  All through the use of her well outfitted doll.  Don’t let these opportunities slip away from your daughter.  Let her enjoy seeking out...

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A trip to the American Girl Doll Store.

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  So you are going to make a trip to the American Girl Store. This could be a huge thrill or a huge nightmare. Who does not want to go?  I love it.  The nightmare lies in its complete budget busting ability.  It can and will get out of control really fast if you don’t go in with some hard and fast rules.  Honestly that is what Mattel wants anyway.  Your ability to spend hundreds of dollars in a really short amount of time is a reality.  The doll on its own is $100 and then...

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Our move is complete.

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Well everyone our move is complete!  Hip hip hooray. We now have our sewing studio set up in our home in Illinois and are back at the sewing machine.  The first thing we are working on is this adorable little tank top for your doll:                 This was made using a pattern from Liberty Jane Patterns.  You should go check them out if you are into sewing doll items at all.  Once we have it listed on the website and Etsy we will...

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How to make a doll tepee.

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I love this website and share links from there facebook page on mine quite often.  If your daughter wants a tepee for her doll this is a great instructional blog on how to do that. Check them out today! I hope you enjoy Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie...

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Free Shipping

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Yes you read that correctly. From Dec 1st -15th 2012 you can get free shipping on every order that totals $25 or more.  All you have to do is enter the code: FREE2012 in all caps in the check out box.  It could not be simplier.  Don’t miss your opportunity to ship your items today for...

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Its my Big Birthday Giveaway!

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The photo is fuzzy I used my phone because I could not find my camera but this is what I am giving away.  A brunette Springfield 18 inch doll with the following items.  A swing top and shorts, a night gown with slippers, a swimsuit, a pair of tights and a pair of canvas shoes.   Here is how you need to enter: You must be a current follower on twitter or facebook I will check verification on drawing night. Send your email address and name and if you follow on twitter but not facebook send...

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Where and how to purchase doll clothes.

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Purchasing your doll clothes is a big deal. You have worked hard for your money and don’t want to see it go to waste.  Always make sure you are getting a quality sewn item when purchasing.  Check your seams.  If they seem loose the might not handle a lot of play. Also a very important aspect to your purchasing should be that they come from a smoke free home.  With so many children having issues these days you don’t want to purchase clothes from a seller who smokes in their home...

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Twitter and Facebook!

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Hi everyone.  Sew Cute Doll Clothes has a fan page on twitter and one on facebook here are the links to each one. Facebook: Twitter: On both these pages we post regular announcements.  Please make sure to check them out and follow or like the page.  Remember we have lots of great things for your American Girl Doll.  Let us know today how we can best serve you. If you have any product suggestions send them to our...

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We are now ready to go.

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Thank you to Bit Social Media for getting our sight up and running.  I will be posting several new line items for your American Girl doll over the next couple of weeks.  Remember when purchasing clothing for  your 18″ doll to make sure they come from a smoke free home.  This is especially critical if you have a child with sensitivities.  Do not be afraid to ask these questions if it is not stated on the website. We hope you enjoy our page and look forward to serving your...

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Welcome to our new webpage!

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Thank you to Bit Social Media for getting our website up and running with a shopping cart. I am so excited to have everything up and running and the new opportunities that having a functional website will bring.  Don’t forget to Like our Facebook page at Also I am on Twitter as dollssewcute. I make the most updates to facebook and will post pics of brand new items there.  Share our page with your friends. Plans are to roll out several new outfits...

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