A trip to the American Girl Doll Store.


So you are going to make a trip to the American Girl Store.

This could be a huge thrill or a huge nightmare.

Who does not want to go?  I love it.  The nightmare lies in its complete budget busting ability.  It can and will get out of control really fast if you don’t go in with some hard and fast rules.  Honestly that is what Mattel wants anyway.  Your ability to spend hundreds of dollars in a really short amount of time is a reality.  The doll on its own is $100 and then there are all the extra outfits and accessories that are available. What is a mama to do?

1. Set a budget-  Sounds corny but when your little girl is looking at you with her big brown eyes it is hard to say no when you have no set plan in place.

2. Make sure you will be able to stick to that budget –  No is sometimes hard for us momma’s to say.

If you look on pinterest you will find tons of accessories that you can make to go with your doll.  You can make all these things at home with your daughter and have a great time doing so and save a ton of cash!

Get some outfits from the store but keep in mind the economy you are supporting is outside of the U.S.  All of the product is made in China and other Asian Countries.   Look for a local seamstress who makes the outfits.  One who does just as nice of a job and most likely charges less then Mattel.  Even if prices are close to the same you are buying local.

Now go to that store.  Have fun.  This is what you might see but keep your budget in mind:

ag store




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