Where and how to purchase doll clothes.

Purchasing your doll clothes is a big deal.

You have worked hard for your money and don’t want to see it go to waste.  Always make sure you are getting a quality sewn item when purchasing.  Check your seams.  If they seem loose the might not handle a lot of play.

Also a very important aspect to your purchasing should be that they come from a smoke free home.  With so many children having issues these days you don’t want to purchase clothes from a seller who smokes in their home or studio.  The fabric will smell like smoke.  If you are gifting the item to someone they could end up with a reaction.  This is my number one sales point.  My home is smoke free.  Nothing that comes out of my studio smells like smoke or has the residue of it from being in my home.

Make sure you ask as this could be a point that makes an item that is sold cheaply not such a great deal.

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